3G Android Smartphone at Just Rs.251only


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The Ringing Bells is a mobile company in India. This mobile company had announced a mobile for price of Rs.251. The announcement had held on the month of February. The company has announced registration for the mobile in their website. The website had almost crashed due to many users, as websites did not opened for some users.

The registration for the mobile done for two days. Many members had registered for the mobile in the website. Nearly 30000 customers had booked the mobile. Seven crore people registered the mobile on the website, 30000 people booked the mobile.

The Ringing Bells announced cash-on delivery later. The cash-on delivery is only for the customers booked phone in website. The Mobile will be delivers from the date of July , 2016. The delivery will start for customers who booked it and the delivery mode is cash-on delivery mode.

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The mobile phones manufactured in Uttaranchal and Noida. The company sets two plants for Rs.250 crore for manufacturing. The plants can manufactures up to five lakh mobiles in each of the plant.

Buy Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Smartphone at Rs.251

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