Airtel Latest Broadband Plans in Delhi NCR

Airtel is one of the famous mobile operator network in India. It also provides the landline and broadband services to the customers. Airtel has the huge number of broadband customers in India. It enables the fastest broadband plans to the users on the basis of various cities. It has limited plans and unlimited plans with high speed internet facilities. And the customer care will be available for the selected cities, on that customers can get the details about the connection and necessary things about airtel broadband plans and its speed. Through Airtel broadband, you can get the speed upto 100 Mbps for using Internet. The Following plans will be applicable in the Delhi NCR region which includes Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Noida.

airtel broadband plans

Airtel Broadband Plans in Delhi NCR Regions

Airtel LT Alpha Super Plus799 3 GB2 Mbps3 GB (Limited)799
Airtel UL Super Max Plus1099 9 GB2 Mbps9 GB512 Kbps1099
Airtel UL Super Max Plus1549 30 GB2 Mbps30 GB512 Kbps1549
Airtel UL Turbo Plus 1649 30 GB 4 Mbps30 GB512 Kbps1649
Airtel UL Super Max Plus1849 80 GB2 Mbps80 GB512 Kbps1849
Airtel UL Turbo Plus 2099 80 GB 4 Mbps80 GB512 Kbps2099
Airtel UL Fibernet Plus 1299 15 GB8 Mbps15 GB512 Kbps1299
Fibernet 25 GB8 Mbps25 GB512 Kbps1449
Airtel UL Rapid Plus 1449 15 GB8 Mbps15 GB512 Kbps1449
Airtel UL Rapid Plus 1749 30 GB8 Mbps30 GB512 Kbps1749
Airtel UL Rapid Plus 2299 80 GB8 Mbps80 GB512 Kbps2299
Airtel UL Rapid Plus 2849 175 GB 8 Mbps175 GB512 Kbps2849
Fibernet 35 GB16 Mbps35 GB512 Kbps1649
VDSL 35 GB16 Mbps35 GB512 Kbps1649
Airtel UL Electric Plus 1849 30 GB16 Mbps30 GB512 Kbps1849
Airtel UL Electric Plus 2849 80 GB16 Mbps80 GB512 Kbps2849
Airtel UL Electric Plus 3649 175 GB16 Mbps175 GB512 Kbps3649
Fibernet 100 GB100 Mbps100 GB512 Kbps5999

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Airtel Speed Test

You can test the speed of your airtel plans in the official site of Airtel. In that, you can check your broadband speed test. The Speed of the Internet will be faster upto Fair Usage Policy. After that, it will be reduced to normal speed. Fair Usage Policy will be varies from one plan to another plan.

WiFi Router

If you buy a Airtel Broadband Connection, you can use the wifi router for covert your internet through wireless. So, anyone can use the secured internet with Airtel broadband services. In its official site, you can get the new broadband connection through online.


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