Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid Plan Activation Codes 2015

 Prepaid Activation codes for Airtel 

It is very simple to activate prepaid plans or deactivate the prepaid plans from your prepaid mobile number by using the Airtel activation and deactivation codes.

By using the *121# you can manage your Airtel digital TV, Airtel mobile plans, Airtel broad band plans and Airtel fixed line plans.

Users can start or stop any kind of prepaid plans from their mobile by using the following codes.

Airtel has provided the facility for mobile and digital TV users can check their balance any time by using the mentioned codes.

By using Airtel prepaid number users can book the movie tickets from the mobile itself.

Users can activate 3g plans from the mobile anytime they want. And users can find the offers for them provided by the Airtel by using the codes.

Airtel has provided you the facility like find your last 5 transactions for your mobile number. By using this you can see your last 5 transactions.

how to activate 3g in airtel

 Activation Codes 
To check the Balance*121*2#
To check the latest Offer*121*1#
To Make a Recharge*121*3#
To start a service for your mobile*121*4#
To stop a service for your mobile*121*5#
To activate Internet Packs*121*8#
To activate Daily Packs*121*10#
To activate Data Packs*121*11#
To activate SMS Packs*121*30#
To find your Mobile Number*121*9#
To find your Last 5 Debits*121*7#
To check best offer as per usage12131
For Do Not disturb service activationType start 0 and send it to 1909
For Do not disturb service activationType stop 0 and send it to 1909
 Airtel to Airtel Amount Transfer Codes 

If you want to transfer your mobile balance to your friends or to the family members means it is simple to do.

Just dial *141#.

airtel 2g 3g data plan activation code

 Pospaid Activation codes for Airtel 

Airtel is the one of the famous postpaid service provider in India. For their customers Airtel has providing the several services and offers for the postpaid customers. A one step ahead Airtel has introduced the Activation codes for the postpaid customers they can activate or deactivate the services anytime anywhere. By using this service customers can check their monthly bills, outstanding bills, bill summary, payment details, Airtel money, unbilled amount.

To check Unbilled AmountType sms – UNB and send to 121
To check Due AmountDial *121*1#
To check Outstanding AmountType sms – OT and send to 121
To check Unbilled AmountDial *121*2#
To check last 3 payment billsType sms – PAY and send to 121
To start a service on mobileDial *121*4#
To check Bill SummaryType sms – BILL and send to 121
To stop a service on mobileDial *121*5#
To check your service request statusType sms – SR and send to 121
To activate data packs on mobileDial *121*11#
To check your current bill planType sms – BP and send to 121
For E-Mail subscriptionType sms – STOPPAPER <E Mail ID>
To get one time E-Mail BillType sms – EBILL <E Mail ID><month> to 121
To get New Bill PlansType sms – NBP and send to 121
To Activate Do Not Disturb serviceType start 0 and send it to 1909
To DeActivate Do Not Disturb serviceType stop 0 and send it to 1909


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