Amazon Track Order Delivery Status

  • Visit Amazon
  • Log in to your Amazon account with Email or Mobile Number with Password.
  • Choose Order option
  • It will shows the ordered items in your account.
  • Then, select the item or product to know its status.
  • It shows the delivery date and time for that product.

About Amazon

It is an American electronic commerce company which has the headquarters   is located in Washington in Seattle. He discovered Amazon in the month of July 6 at the year of 1994 .The name of the Amazon is founded by Jeff Bezos. At first he started as an online bookstore. Later he started products  like DVD’s, Blue- ray, video games, electronics, software and so on .The  consumer  electronics  of   low end products like  USB cables under its in house brand Amazon basics.  Their websites is distributed by more than 16 countries and they are United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, China, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil and Mexico. In 2011 it launches her websites in Poland and Sweden. This website is available in English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Standard Chinese languages. Bezos selected her company name by looking the dictionary in that he see Amazon that means different or exotic and he considered the Amazon river this river is one of the biggest river in all over the world so he planned to make his company biggest in the world .At first he starting his company by online book store by the idea discussion with John Ingram.

The first two month of business they sold 50 states and over 45 countries within 2 month they sold all. They sold dollar were up to $20,000 per week. The innovative technology idea is focused in the year of 2004 based on researching and building. By each year the company introduces a new type of technology. In the year of 2014 it announces additional 2 billion rupees investment in India

This customer service is mainly for if there is a problem in any of the products by using this service you can rectify it  .These service  are  provided by each country where the company is located at United states ,India , china , Germany ,Japan , Italy ,,south Africa  and various countries. Warehouse is a process in this each team there has hundreds of employees. They can take four different  type of tasks they are placing goods in storage and recording their location, unpacking the goods and checking the incoming goods,  picking  the goods and then shipping  from their computer recorded locations  to make that individual shipping. Fulfillment centers are located near the airport of the following cities. They provide the order fulfillment of the third party seller. These sellers can use fulfillment by use of Amazon.

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