Docoss X1 Android Smartphone at Rs.888 Booking Starts

The booking of this smartphone can be done in two different ways as,

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  • Online Booking
  • SMS Booking


Online Booking

The online booking can be done by following methods,

  • Visit the official website of the mobile company.
  • Then you can see “Book Now” button and click on that button.
  • After clicking that button, a page will be opened in which you can see specification and description of the mobile.
  • On the right side of the page, you can able to see Book Now tab in which you have to book the mobile by entering the quantity of the mobile and then clicking on Book Now button.
  • After clicking the button, the page will forward you to Shopping Cart page in which the quantity of the mobile you booked and the amount in which you have to pay will be shown.
  • Then as per the instructions, you can book the mobile to your address in which you can handle the delivery and payment method in the page itself.

SMS Booking


The mobile can be booked by SMS hence by following the steps,

  • In your mobile phone, type your name and address and your city postal code and send the message to the number 7666204430.

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