How to Get One Plus 3 Mobile at Re 1



OnePlus, a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones are manufacturing mobiles and gadgets from year of 2013. Now, the mobile company is manufacturing mobiles and gadgets and serving more than 42 countries. In India, selling of One Plus mobiles had increased due to their specifications, which comes at good price. The mobiles manufactured, which are selling,are,

  • OnePlus One
  • OnePlus 2
  • OnePlus X
  • OnePlus 3

OnePlus Dash for Diwali Sale

The OnePlus Diwali Dash will start on October 24, 2016 and will end on October 26, 2014 at 4 PM and 8 PM. During this sale, the users can win OnePlus 3 Soft Gold and other gadgets at just Re.1. The users will be asked to play game during the time of sale as the rules of the game are detailed below.

Rules of the Game

  • In order to participate in the game, the users have to complete the entry challenge given on OnePlus website by registering in the website. You have to enter your details like mobile number, address and then sharing on Facebook.
  • The sale will be for three days from October 24-26 at 12 PM., 4 PM and 8 PM.
  • During the session of game, batch of Mystery Boxes worth ₹1 will released.
  • You have to take a box by drawing suitable box until other users took it. One user can draw only one box.
  • After taking you suitable box, the content inside the box will revealed after payment of ₹1.
  • If the user does not makes payment of ₹1 within three hours, then the box will expired.
  • After making payment, the content inside the box will delivered to user address, which he/she mentioned during registration.

Tips for Game

If the user levels up, drawing boxes will increase which means if a user has high level, then he/she can get the box easily. The tips for levelling up before the game is given below,

  • Register your OnePlus Devices
  • Inviting your friend to participating in event by sharing on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter.
  • Purchasing any product from OnePlus store.

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