Tempered Glass for Mobiles at Rs.10 Onwards

Tempered glass is a protective glass which is made for all types of mobiles. Tempered glass will be pasted over displays of smartphones. This tempered glass will prevent the display of smartphone from breaking if smartphone fells down. Tempered glass are made of hard glass materials which is available for all smartphones from different brands. Tempered glass comes with sticky layer to stick to display of smartphone all time. Tempered glass withstands high damages so no need to worry for display if you drop your smartphone. Tempered glasses are available for all smartphones from online and offline stores.

Types of tempered glass

There are two types of tempered glasses, one is plastic film type and another one is tempered glass. The plastic film type is made of plastic material along with fiber to prevent maximum damage. Plastic had capability of bending for high damage instead of breaking. So plastic film will be used in most smartphones. Another type is just glass along with fiber material. Both combine to give maximum strength than plastic film type. Tempered glass will break only after more physical damage given to it. Many smartphone displays are saved and protected by tempered glasses only.

Gorilla Tempered Glass

Gorilla Tempered Glass is a inbuilt tempered glass which comes with some smartphone itself. So you don’t need to buy extra tempered glass if a smartphone comes with Gorilla glass. Some people also suggest to use a tempered glass over gorilla glass. Gorilla glass will have different layers of glass materials to make it stronger.

Gorilla glasses cannot be bought online, because it comes with smartphone itself. If your smartphone does not have gorilla glass means, you can buy tempered glass and paste over display. Tempered glass will be available for low price in stores and in online.

There are different versions of tempered and gorilla glasses. Some are basic and cheap glasses and some are hard tempered glasses with high price. We recommend people to buy tempered glass for your smartphone if your smartphones doesn’t have tempered glass. Tempered glasses, mobile case and cover will protect your smartphone from damages. There are some tempered glasses which are scratch proof which means glass wont get scratches if it fell down. Also some are more strong tempered glasses. Some online shops offers back cover, mobile case and cover and tempered glasses all at very low price. So buy a tempered glass for your smartphone.

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