TNEB Reading Bill Details Online

tneb reading details

  • Visit official site of TNEB
  • Choose the option to check the reading or bill details.
  • In that, choose your region to know the reading details.
  • Enter the service number of the services (leave your region number)
  • Enter the captcha in that box.
  • Click proceed button to see the reading details of you TNEB Account Summary.

Steps to Know your Service / Connection Number of TNEB

  • Choose the region of your TNEB
  • Select the Section after choosing your region
  • Choose the Distribution area of your TNEB
  • Then, Enter your service number (mentioned on your meter board)
  • Click Validate button to see the connection details.
  • For this link, type consno in google and select the first link.

Slap Rate of TNEB

UnitRate (Rupees)Maximum Unit
1 to 1001100
1 to 2001.5200
1 to 2002500
201 to 5003500
1 to 2003.59999999
201 to 5004.69999999
501 and above6.69999999


About TNEB               

TNEB means Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. It was formed on 1957, at the month of July 1 according to the electrical supply act of 1948.This is responsible for all electrical transmission, distribution, and for electricity generation. At first it named as Madras State Electricity Board and then later it was named as Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. And its head quarter is located in Chennai. In the Year of 2008 government decide to divide the TNEB into two subsidiaries. On November 2010 it is divided by TANGEDCO it means that Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited and the one will be Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation Limited TANTRANSCO it will be responsible for Power Transmission.

The main reason of the TNEB is to satisfy the energy need of the state. The government totally installed the energy capacity of 10,214MV.The government also produce renewable energy sources like windmills that supply up to 4.300MV.In the year of 2009 it has a power deficit that is estimated approximately 11.9%.For the upcoming years, TNEB is proposed next generation projects that are

Mettur Thermal Power Station (MTPS)-1440 MV

Ennore Thermal Power Station (ETPS)-450 MV

North Chennai Thermal Power Station (NCPTS)-1830 MV

Tuticorin Thermal Power Station (TTPS)-1050 MV.

Currently, it generates the capacity of 11884.44MV which including the State Project, Independent Power and the Central share. Other than this it generates the renewable energy sources like Wind Mill, Biomass, Solar Energy   by these sources it generates Power up to 8219.67 MV  TANGEDCO has four major coal based power plants it generate the capacity of 4060 MV and four gas based power plants it generates the  capacity of  516 MV.

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