Watermelon Juice Recipe and Health Benefits

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Health Benefits of Watermelon
One of the best health prevention’s of Watermelon is, Asthma prevention. Watermelon has a high amount of nutrient that will stop developing asthma. The nutrient present in watermelon is nothing but Vitamin C. So, drinking or eating watermelon will stop asthma and cure asthma. Another Health benefit of watermelon is, it will regulate high blood pressure to normal blood pressure and also prevents heart diseases. As it contains Vitamin C, it also lowers risk of cancer cells in human body. Consuming watermelon juice or eating watermelon at summer times will defend you from dehydration. Watermelon contains 90% of water which will be a good snack at summer time.

How to use Watermelon in different ways?
We all know that we can eat whole watermelon. But there are also some other ways to eat watermelon. One very well-known method is making watermelon juice using juicer and drinking during summer seasons. Another best way to use watermelon is by adding sugar and mixing using a spoon and eating. It will be great sweet snack which can be eaten every time. Another way to eat watermelon in best way is mixing strawberry and watermelon to make a juice. Adding sugar and drinking juice will be a great combination.
Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

Apart from Watermelon juice, the seeds also had some health benefits. The seeds can be roasted and eaten which has benefits on your skin. This will moisturize your skin and prevents skin from drying. Also, watermelon seed oil is available in which you can apply on your face to moisturize your skin and making your face glow. These seeds are also benefit for your hair. The seeds of watermelon have protein, copper, magnesium and iron. Applying seed oil on your head will prevent from hair loss increasing the growth of hair.

The watermelon seeds are will control blood sugar level. These seeds are very useful for diabetes patients. Consuming these seeds as snacks will control sugar in blood and also reduces insulin resistance. These seeds have high calories which will increase our energy level. Just a one cup of watermelon seeds will provide essential nutrients we need and nourishes our body. Also, we should not consume more seeds at same time which will increase our weight. These seeds will also provide necessary nutrients and energy to our human bones. It means the bones will get even stronger and does not get weak when we grow older.

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